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“Absolutely love Lyrical Memories.  I worked with them on a combination Happy Birthday/Love song for my wife and it was the hit of the night with her and all our guests.  Working with Paul Anderson, founder and owner, and Warren Sellers, the songwriter who worked on my song, was a wonderful experience.  They could not have been more professional and knew just the right questions to ask to enable them to completely capture my feelings about my wife and our relationship.  Lyrical Memories is a five star operation and I recommend it to anyone who wants to create a unique and unforgettable gift for someone or some event.”  

—Marty Dickens, husband

"When I signed on with Lyrical Memories to have a song written for my daughter's wedding reception, I wasn't sure where this would go.  The songwriter spent about 30 minutes listening to me tell stories about my sweet daughter and our relationship. A week later, I was sent the first audio file of the song.  I'm not embarrassed to say that after listening for the first time, tears came to my eyes.  It captured perfectly my daughter and our close relationship.  From my standpoint, I feel the song when performed at the reception was the highlight of the evening with not a dry eye in the house."

—Rich Riebeling, father of the bride

“I’ve had the opportunity to write and perform at weddings many times over the years and it's always been a point of connection between real life and music.  Writing a song for people for such a sacred occasion never gets old. And the memory is preserved in the song.” 
—Sandra McCracken, singer-songwriter, recording artist

“A personalized song was one of the truly memorable highlights at a recent wedding I coordinated. Lyrical Memories is providing a service that utilizes the uniquely Nashville asset of world class songwriters, working to make your special event even more unforgettable.”
—​Delaney Gray, Event Coordinator 

"I couldn't have imagined a more romantic moment than having an original song composed with the help of my husband!" 
— Lisa B., wedding guest

"When she sang the lyrics regarding the 'ring of broken hearts..' , it undid both Cory and me. Obviously I was blown away by the entire experience. It was one of the highlights of our wedding."
—Kyle Campbell, bride

“The song was fantastic and a total hit with all the guests, lots of tears!  Such a fun idea I never would have thought of!”

—Kristyn Hogan, Nashville Wedding Photographer

"We love that everyone has been able to see and hear 'My Princess.' It was the best part of the night (other than marrying my husband of course!) and everyone is still talking about it!"

—Haley Zaccarelli, Bride

"When the song began and the first lyrics spoke personally to my daughter, my wife said she thought she was going to faint from the excitement and surprise.  I watched my daughter’s face.  She was incredulous and stunned.  As the song moved through the lines, she walked up to me on the dance floor and we started to dance.  She wept, my wife’s five Fort Worth girlfriends wept.  My wife, Linda, was reeling and in tears.” 

—Frank Trippett, Father of the Bride

“You know we can’t go back and taste the food or drink the wine…but we get to re-live our wedding day through the song whenever we listen to it.”

—Cory Campbell, new husband on the couple’s anniversary

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