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The songwriters we use are professional writers who have written many songs, including some big hits.  Most of the songwriters are based in Nashville but not all of them. We have access to members of the Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame as well as successful newer writers.  The songwriter we select is based on a number of factors---their availability and your timeline, the style of music you are thinking of using, and your input based on what you see and hear below.  Some people will contract to have more than one writer create a song before selecting a final version and writer to finish the project.


Below is sample of our past projects, or visit us on SoundCloud to hear more

"My Princess"

The Event: A Daughter’s Wedding Reception

Contracted by: The Father of the Bride

Background: A father wanted to do something unique to celebrate the marriage of his only daughter. He shared with the songwriter many stories of the years spent raising his “princess”. 

You can watch this song as it was performed at the wedding, witness the emotional impact it had on the surprised daughter and her dad (video credited to "Catchlight Cinema"):


The Event: Wedding Reception

Contracted by: The Father of the Bride

Background: Discussing with our songwriters what he wanted in a song, the dad was very specific.  He said his daughter was a research physicist and she was marrying another research physicist. His daughter loved Broadway show tunes, especially songs by Stephen Sondheim. With that set of challenges, the songwriters delivered one of our best songs to date.

"It’s Your Turn Now"

The Event: Wedding Reception

Contracted by: The Father of the Bride

Background: The father wanted to surprise his daughter with a song to express his dreams for this “next chapter” in life. This tied in well with the fact that his daughter grew up listening to him make up bedtime stories every night to help her go to sleep. When the song was played at the reception, her dad told me his daughter, nicknamed “Ice” for her emotional control, “was more like a puddle of water”. 

"Holding Hands"

The Event: Anniversary Party

Contracted by: The Husband

Background: The couple had both been previously married and now knew they had finally found “the one”.  The husband wanted to surprise his wife with a gift unlike anything she would expect and do so in front of their close friends.  Speaking with the songwriter, he said regardless of what challenges life may bring, he wanted to spend the rest of his life holding hands with his bride.

"Texas for Tulsa"

The Event: A Daughter’s Wedding Reception

Contracted by: The Father of the Bride

Background: The bride was marrying a widower with four young children. Both the  bride and groom are guided by their Christian faith which was important to include  in the lyrics of the song.  The song was co-written by a Nashville singer-songwriter who also agreed to perform it as a surprise at the wedding reception.  The lyrics reflect the bride’s decision to move from Texas to Tulsa, marry a man with four kids, and allow their future to be guided by their strong faith.

"What I Can't Seem To Say"

The Event: Wedding Anniversary

Contracted by: The Husband

Background: After 41 years of marriage, the husband could not figure out how to say in a new way what he’s tried to say for so many years. Having an original song written was a uniquely romantic way to deliver his message of love.

"It's Not What I Got"

The Event:  A speech given by a renowned pathologist to a large meeting of doctors

Contracted by: The doctor giving the speech

Background: The doctor was giving a speech in Europe and throughout the US on the near epidemic of misdiagnosis problems by medical doctors.  He asked if a song could be written that would end his speech to help emphasize his message and use the power of music and a memorable lyric to allow his audience to better recall what he said in his speech.  The doctor and his audiences love it!  You can now buy this song on iTunes.

"The Gift To Me"

Event: Surprise Birthday Party 

Contracted by: The Husband

Background: The husband wanted to surprise his wife with an original song for her birthday. He wanted the lyrics to tie in a song that was special to them when they started dating, "Colour My World" by Chicago.  

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