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You will work with a professional songwriter who will listen and learn your story. What unique events surround this couple or individual, who are the people that are part of the story, and the pieces of history that make this story original to only you. You will discuss the style of music you feel best fits the occasion—country, ballads, blues, rock, your input is vital. Some can add their own musical talent. But most people simply spend enough time in the interview process that the songwriter can put together the lyrics and melody that fits the occasion.  



After the writer puts together the first draft of the lyrics and melody of the song, you will have a chance to listen to it and offer whatever changes you might see fit. Upon agreeing on a final direction for the song, a studio produced .mp3 music file is created on an acoustic basis, typically the vocal and a piano or guitar. How much production and instrumentation you want is up to you. People often stop at this first acoustic level.  


The song can be presented in any number of ways. The recording can be played at the event for the honoree(s) and the typically stunned audience attending. Or you can hire the writer or a talented associate to perform the song where the occasion is scheduled. You may have a talented friend who can take this song and perform it at the event. Regardless, you can be assured of a reaction unlike any other gift you’ve given and a lasting memory fitting of one of life’s few really special events.


If you have more questions, please browse our FAQ section or contact us.

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