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What are the kind of commemorative events for which songs are typically written?


The primary ones we see are weddings, engagements, anniversaries, retirements, and the birth of a child. Really, any special event where you feel an original song written specifically for the honoree(s) is open for a song to be professionally written.




What exactly do I get if I contract Lyrical Memories to write a song?


The base package includes a professionally written song that's vocally recorded in a studio along with an instrument, typically a guitar or piano. It's delivered to you electronically in an MP3 file as well as in CD format. Additional vocal and instrumental tracks can be added to the package for an additional price.




How is the song typically performed?


That's up to you. Some simply play the MP3 version or CD at the appropriate time and place. Some hire the songwriter to perform it live at the event. Others have a musically gifted friend learn the song who then performs it at the event.




Will this be my story?


Yes. It will begin with an in depth discussion with the songwriter who will want to hear your story, what makes your story unique, and what is really important to you. The writer will then take his notes and create a demo version. You will then review, possibly suggest changes, and then give the go-ahead to complete.




Will I own the copyright?


No, but you will be given a license to use the song and the recording for the promotion and remembrance of your event, including but not limited to social media, personal websites, videos, and gift CD’s.

How much time do you need between my agreeing to proceed and you delivering the final product?


Six weeks is ideal. This allows time to conduct the interview with the songwriter, create and review an initial demo version, incorporate any necessary changes, and complete the final writing and production. It can be done faster but we prefer to have six weeks.




How is the songwriter selected?

We listen first to your interest in style of music and time frame available. Some customers prefer male or female. Some want a keyboard based song or maybe guitar based. Some people request a writer who's written hit songs versus talented, professional newcomers. We also have to consider with the availability of the writer that fits the criteria you've outlined and the timeline that you're on.




What is the schedule of my payments to Lyrical Memories?

Once we've settled on the production package you're requesting, we ask for 50% payment upon initial agreement. That will include your interview with the writer, his or her creative work, and his or her demo version of the song. After hearing the demo and discussing any changes you'd like to incorporate, the final 50% is due.



What style of music is possible?

We're open to rock, country, ballads, humorous, you tell us.  We have writers that can conform to most any style you're looking for.

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