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Life’s special moments—they are too few, often too far in between. They are a wedding, the birth of a child, a graduation, a special anniversary, one’s retirement. Really just a handful of key life events, yet we are either saving for them, working toward them, planning for it, or just dreaming about them a good part of our lives. These are the events that make life worth living.


When those moments arrive, we want to and always do commemorate them.  More often than not, we do that in traditional ways. A special piece of jewelry, the gold watch, an epic trip, something we hope will be a gift that fits such an important occasion.  


At Lyrical Memories, we help you commemorate a special event in a way that will set it apart from anything you have ever done or the recipient has ever received. It takes that special moment, that special life event and makes it something no one will ever forget.


Lyrical Memories creates original songs written by professional songwriters to commemorate life’s milestone moments.  Contact us at 615-585-9797 or

                                                                   Nashville, Tennessee


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